About Us

About Town Pediatrics

Town Pediatrics, PC maintains a highly qualified staff of providers that give excellent pediatric care for children ages 0-18 years.  Our organization began this mission in 2004.  All of our physicians are board certified through the American Board of Pediatrics and Fellow members of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Our nursing staff is also highly qualified and dedicated to the care of children.  We look forward to providing your family with the finest of pediatric healthcare.

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Care Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we are here to serve you and your child with all of your child’s healthcare needs.  We do this best by individualizing our care to your child and family.  You will find we actively encourage discussion of treatment options and invite questions of all kinds.  The physician-patient relationship is of paramount importance to us and we look forward to developing a long and mutually satisfying one with you, your child, and family.  We are here to be your MEDICAL HOME.

Medical Home


A MEDICAL HOME is the kind of primary health care we all want and deserve. A MEDICAL HOME is not a place—it is the way care is provided to your child/youth and your family. At the core of a MEDICAL HOME is a knowledgeable, compassionate health care provider and care team chosen by a patient and their family to take care of a child/youth’s health needs.  “NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition raises the bar in defining high-quality care by emphasizing access, health information technology and coordinated care focused on patients,” said NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane.  “Recognition shows that Town Pediatrics, PC has the tools, systems and resources to provide its patients with the right care, at the right time.” For more information, please read our "Medical Home Brochure".


As your MEDICAL HOME, we provide:


Personal Physicians
We get to know your child and family.


We gather information between you and us that personalizes your care to meet your needs.


We provide continuous care within our system allowing for a better understanding of issues and trends in your child’s health.


Record Keeping
We provide a central location for all your child’s health care records while preserving confidentiality. If you do seek care outside our office (i.e., Urgent Care, Walk-in Clinic, Emergency Room), you can request those records to be  transferred to us so all documentation from your visit will be centrally kept in your permanent record.


We work with you in care management.


Primary Care
We focus on preventative services and a whole person orientation, which includes physical, social, and emotional health.


Care Coordination
We provide specialty referrals and can communicate your personal needs to these providers. Upon request, we can facilitate communication of your needs to schools and facilitate access to other resources in the community.


Initiatives currently underway at Town Pediatrics to meet your MEDICAL HOME needs:


Enhanced Access to Care
Some of our physicians offer extended hours.
Introduction of patient portal that will allow you to check lab results and access your child’s personal health record and post visit summaries.
Introduction of online scheduling for well child or planned appointments through our Patient Portal.


Improved Quality and Safety
Quality Improvement.
In 2013, practice physicians completed a project through the Children’s National IQ Network to improve asthma care.


Electronic Health Records (EHR). Our EHR provides:
e-Prescribing that allows clarity in prescribing and provides tracking for medicines and cross-checks for prescriptions another physician may have provided.
Patient Registries to assist in providing reminders or alerts regarding your child’s health.
Decision-making Support to ensure that our clinical recommendations are meeting guidelines according to evidence-based medicine.


Concussion Management

This is a quality improvement initiative that we are currently working with through Children's Hospital in DC (Pediatric Health Network through Children's National Medical Center).


Patient Satisfaction
Currently we are getting ready to conduct a comprehensive practice wide patient survey so that we can incorporate your feedback to improve our care.

Is It OK to Leave Home?

Emergency Rooms and Walk-in Health Care Centers

As the name implies, emergency room is for emergencies only – for life threatening injuries or illnesses that cannot wait for a trip to the doctor’s office. Clinics are helpful if away from home or illness occurs after hours. They are not a MEDICAL HOME – they do not provide the continuity of care that is provided by a MEDICAL HOME. Our practice provides 24 hour on-call service so we can help you decide whether your child’s problem can wait for a visit with us or should be evaluated right away. When the problem can’t wait, we partner with INOVA Dulles South Urgent Care and INOVA Loudoun Hospital Center’s Pediatric ER for urgent or emergent after hours care. Read more information about the MEDICAL HOME at the American Academy of Pediatrics.