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The providers at Town Pediatrics always seek to keep you current on the latest medical information and innovations to help keep your child safe both at home and at school. Concussions and their management is an area of concern in sports.

Many concussions do not require urgent evaluation by either an urgent care or ER and can be observed overnight at home. If you think your child may have sustained a concussion, please contact the triage nurse or our after hours line to determine the next appropriate step in management and treatment for your child.

The providers at Town Pediatrics recommend that all parents of athletes review the document "Student Athlete Concussion Guidelines" by clicking on the football image to be taken to the "Concussion Management" section of the website.

Medical Resources

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Our medical resource center is a repository of information to help guide you on caring for your child. Our tips range from subjects such as correct methods of bathing to what type of over-the-counter cold medicine you should give to your child, to the aspects of safety in sports. We are dedicated to helping to keep your child healthy and safe. Our team of professional and compassionate providers continually strive to provide you with current and reliable information that will enable you to lovingly care for your child.