Walk-In Clinic

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The quality care Town Pediatrics provides extends to a Walk-In Clinic. Our Walk-In Clinic is available for established patients with new onset, urgent, common type illnesses only.

The clinic has a limited capacity and therefore, we will give priority to those who arrive early.

Same day appointments will be scheduled for:

  • Emergency Room (ER) or Urgent Care Follow-ups

  • Complex medical problems or illnesses of more than 3 days duration

  • New patients (if the schedule allows)

  • Walk-In Appointments exceeding the clinic’s capacity for the day.

Walk-in Clinic hours are normally M-F 8am-9am. Please note that the Walk-In Clinic is suspended during the summer and cancelled on any holiday and the week between Christmas and New Years.

If we experience inclement weather, please call our office before you leave home to ask if we will have the Walk-In clinic that day.